Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to clean my oven?
OvenClean usually takes between an hour and a half and two hours to fully clean and sanitize your oven. On some occassions we'll be done faster.

Can I use the oven after OvenClean has cleaned it?
Yes! As we do not use any chemicals or toxic products, you can use the oven immediately after we are done cleaning. No need to worry about harmful fumes or leftover chemicals on your food!

Does use (toxic) chemicals?
No, we only use biological cleaning products to ensure your children, family and pets are safe and sound!

How do I clean my oven?
You can let clean your oven after intensive use or when the oven has become unhealthy or unhygenic.

How do I keep my oven clean after OvenClean has cleande it?
After a deep cleaning by OvenClean, you can keep your oven in tip-top condition by giving it a good wipe after messy usage.
If that doesn't work or you feel it's too much to clean yourself, give us a call!

How do I clean the filters in my extractor hood?
Paper filters will need to be replaced when they've become dirty, aluminium filters can be popped in the dishwashers or left to rinse in a hot soapy tub.

Can clean my extractor hood filters??
Yes! We will clean the aluminum filters in your hood, should you wish to have those cleaned by us. Please refer to the prices for cleaning extractor hoods.

How often does my oven need to be cleaned?
We recommend our clients to give us a call every 6 months to do a deep-clean of their ovens. This keeps the oven energy-efficient, sanitary and healthy.

Can OvenClean clean my trays and racks?
Included in the oven cleaning are the trays and racks, that will look as good as new when we're done cleaning them.

Why people pick

  • A clean oven is more efficient and uses less power!
  • We clean every make and brand oven!
  • No more smoke and nasty smells
  • No chemicals! Just biological products
  • Pet- and childfriendly!
  • Card or cash payments on location

Nationwide coverage

We cover the entire country! Call 0297-201243 or email us us to make an appointment to clean you oven, hood or stove!

I want a clean oven!